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  1. These are incredible Kristen! Awesome to see just one slice of the detailed process that is bringing these toys to life. Also, you’ve answered the ancient mystery of “What is the Pantone color of a Parasaurolophus.” 🙂

  2. Omg this is AMAZING to see some of the design process in making these Jurassic toys!! This is so awesome and I hope we will see more dinosaurs design process pics in the future! Can I share these on my website with of course giving the credit completely to you?

  3. Thank you for the Spinosaurus. The JP3 Spino means the world to me, and knowing you made it a better toy is so special to me. I plan to credit you and repost this on IG on my profile vastatosaurusrex and again thank you for this toy I bought it in October and have loved it since.

  4. Hello
    I admire your talent, please bring these dinosarurios to life


    Mauricio from mexico, 13 years old

  5. Hello! I am a big fan and collector of the jurassic world figures. Great work done for the toy line of the Jurassic world, some are simply wonderful, I have some observations, I hope it can be heard. I would like to see the less caricatured toys, and with more scales texture ?, the style of Baryonyx or ceratosaurus, pteranodon, as well as brachiosaurus are perfect. Can you follow that line? Thanks for listening and sharing your work for fans.

    1. Thank you Pedro, so glad you enjoy the line! We always do our best to make the dinos realistic as well as fit what the licensor wants.

  6. Hi Kristen, I just found this old post via google. It’s indeed very cool to have a look into the development of the JW Toyline. As I read the words “all toys must stand” in the Spinosaurus toy development sheet one question came to my mind: Why do you put these oversized feet onto the toys instead of giving the toy a tail with proper length and mass that would also result in a balanced standing toy. Unlike the Trash n Throw Rex there’s a lot of space in the Spino package to put a longer more massive Tail into the package and the tsil is a seperate part anyway. Or is this due to part sharing/cost saving so Spino and TnT Rex can share the same parts i.e. feet? Thanks in advance Marian

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